Monday, May 7, 2012

It's Not Goodbye, It's See Ya Later

Today is Monday.. first day back to the office from a week long business trip to Vegas. Today is my best friend's birthday. Today is the 6th of May. And today is the day that I start my vow to refrain from sweets.. for as long as I can last!

I am sad to report that I will not be blogging on a regular basis anymore. At least for some time. I have been blogging for 8 months, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (missing less than a handful), sharing my baking experience, tips, opinions and news stories. I hope I have entertained you while you're sitting at your desk at work, avoiding doing actual work, or sitting on your bed on a Saturday morning waiting for your hangover waffles to be done. I hope I have provided you with some excellent recipes that you have tried out yourself and hope that those you shared your desserts with have enjoyed it! I loved blogging and recommend you give it a shot. I started this on a spur of the moment and 8 months later, I think I can say I created a very unique, interesting and entertaining blog- what more can I ask for?

I went grocery shopping yesterday at Trader Joe's for the first time ever. I probably stuck out like a sore thumb, as I went down every aisle probably twice, trying to find simple things like mozzarella cheese and dark chocolate. I managed to spend $73 too. I felt like a kid in Toys R' Us who just won a shopping spree from Ellen DeGeneres or something- everything went into the cart from frozen edamame to frozen wontons. The Bakin' Blonde* is becoming Healthy Hannah* for the time being. Eating crap and lots of dessert, mixed with drinking every night and not working out while I was in Vegas triggered this immediate health binge. It's not a good feeling when you think you can literally feel the weight being put on. Time to do something about it!

 I have a Bakin Blonde* page on Facebook that will probably not have much activity anymore either. I'll probably post stuff to my personal page when I do get the urge to bake, for birthdays, holidays and special occasions, so find me and friend me! I also recently joined the very addicting Pinterest and will post stuff there too. So again, find me. :)

Thanks to my readers, whoever you are. I know there are some people from Russia, China, Australia and other countries who have stopped by for a read- I appreciate your visits.

Like they say in one of my favorite movies, John Q... it's not goodbye, it's see ya later. Saying goodbye is one of my most hated things to do and I never do it unless I absolutely have to. So see ya later everyone! Keep smiling and keep on baking. :)

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